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Article | Sven

Article is a direct to consumer furniture company that offers modern furniture at fair prices. Article puts a lot of emphasis simplicity and efficiency. By cutting out most of the traditional retail model Article is able to offer beautiful furniture at a fraction of the cost of retail.




Article Sofa Review Introduction

Article is one of the largest online sofa companies, offering modern and mid century design aesthetics in dozens of different styles and options. For this review we chose their most popular sofa model, the Sven Charme tan sofa, in a 3 seater sectional which includes a chaise lounger, and have tested it for over 2 years. Read on for more details.

Article Sven Charme Sectional Sofa

Things to Like About Article Sofas

  • Huge selections of styles, colors, and materials
  • Sofas arrive almost fully assembled
  • Free exchanges and 30 day return policy
  • Fast shipping for in stock models

Things Not to Like About Article Sofas

  • Limited warranty – 1 year covering manufacturing defects
  • Slower shipping for models that are not in stock
  • Returns require original packaging
  • Shipping fees – ranging from $49 for ground level to $169 for in home delivery and assembly

Article Purchase and Delivery

Sofa Purchase Experience

Article offers all of their couches online through their ecommerce site. Their website is easy to navigate, and the numerous styles and colors are easy to sort and filter.

Sofa Delivery Details

We elected for the $49 ground level delivery for our Sven Charme sectional sofa. The sofa took about 3 weeks to deliver since the product wasn`t in stock for quick shipment at the time. Article`s delivery partner contacted us ahead of the delivery to arrange for a time so we could be home, and they arrived on time. Even though we elected for ground delivery, the delivery crew still brought the sofa up our elevator and unpacked the product which was a nice touch.

Sofa Assembly Details

The sofa arrived in two pieces in large cardboard packaging, and the delivery partner connected the sectional piece to the other two seats which was and quick and easy. All we had to do was screw on the legs, which only took a few minutes with two people and did not require any tools.

Sofa Assembly Process


The chaise portion of the sectional hooks onto the main sofa with two hook and clasp mechanisms. The legs screw on to the bottom of the sofa with no tools required.

Article Sven Charme Sofa Dimensions

Back of sofa to front of arms 38″
Back cushion to front front of sofa 24″
Inside arm to inside arm 90″
Outside arm to outside arm 100″
Leg height 6.5″
Floor to top of arm 27″
Chaise width 32″
Floor to top of seat cushion 19″
Back cushion depth 6″
Back cushion height  15″
Arm pillow diameter 6.5″
Arm pillow length 21″


Article Sven Charme Sofa Product Features

Fabric and Colors

The Article Sven Charme sofa comes in five different leather colors:

  • Charme Tan – a lighter tan / brown
  • Oxford Blue – Navy Blue
  • Charme Chocolate – Dark brown
  • Oxford Gray – a mid color gray
  • Oxford Black

We elected for the Charme tan color. It arrived a little bit lighter than the photos, but generally is an attractive shade. The leather is high quality, and feels rich and soft to the touch. There are minor discolorations and defects as with any natural leather, but they are not noticeable and add to the patina of the material.

Over time, the color has maintained its lighter shade but has developed some additional color and patina with use which has given the couch character and personality.

The leather is not treated with any waterproofing, and so is at risk for staining from spills and accidents. Over our years of testing, we have had several spills, including red wine and water. Our dog also had an accident on the sofa. We were able to clean the leather with regular leather cleaner and water by spot cleaning, and were able to fully remove the spills without any staining or discoloration. Your mileage may vary with this, particularly if the spill is allowed to sit for an extended period of time.


The Article Sven Charme sofa cushions are 5.5” high. They are filled with high density 2.0 pound polyurethane foam that is 2” high and a polyester fiber filling that is 3.5” high. This is a higher ratio of fiber to foam than we have seen in other couches, and gives the cushions a bit more of a medium plush feel.

The back cushions and cylindrical side cushions are filled 100” with polyester fiber which makes them relatively light weight and fluffy. The fiber is a loose filling which provides them with less structure than a solid block of foam, and they have more of a slouchy, lived in appearance as a result.

The sectional seating cushions come in two pieces, a single bench cushion for the main sofa, and a second longer cushion for the chaise portion. This provides the sofa with a sleek, minimal appearance, and has some benefit in preventing things from slipping in between separate cushions. The downside is there`s no change to find in the couch!


The sofa legs are 6.5” tall and are not customizable. The color of the legs is based on the color of sofa you select:

  • Charme Tan: Mahogany legs – very dark brown
  • Oxford Blue: Walnut legs – medium brown
  • Charme Chocolate: Walnut legs – medium brown
  • Oxford Gray: Walnut legs – medium brown
  • Oxford Black: Dark brown legs

The leg style is relatively straight, and do not extend outside the perimeter of the couch, so they are not particularly visible when looking at the couch while standing.

Article Sven Sofa Leg


The suspension of the couch is the support system of the piece that supports the seating cushions. The Article Sven Charme sofa uses a Pirelli webbing system which is a very common suspension system used in many modern pieces of furniture. The webbing provides some give, and provides the sofa with a plush, cushioned feel while sitting. The primary alternative to webbing based suspensions is an innerspring based upholstery that provides more of a bouncy feel.


Article Sofa – Is it Comfortable?

The Article Sven Charme`s cushions are 24” inches deep from the front of the sofa to the back cushions. 24” is right in the mid range for seating cushion depth in the sofas we have evaluated, and gives the couch a nice balance between a more upright sitting posture and a more relaxed, laying back position.

Our testers gave the Sven seating cushions a 5 out of 10 firmness rating. The fiber filling give the cushions a nice plush feel with a solid base provided by the high density foam. The cushions are a flat design, and so do not provide the super plush, sinking in feeling provided by over stuffed cushions, but are still comfortable to sit on for an extended period of time.

Our testers gave the Sven back cushions a 3 out of 10 firmness rating. The fiber filling is plush and soft, but the leather cover gives the cushions some structure and firmness.

Article Sofa Styling Options

The Sven Charme only comes in one frame style, which is an flat, sleek design with arms that are the same height as the back panel, and back cushions with heights that come over the back panel. The seating cushions have a tufted, buttoned design, and the back cushions are a plush, relatively minimal design.

Article offers many other sofa style options with other models, including the Timber Sofa which offers padded side cushions, the Cigar Sofa which has built in cushioning in the back panel, and Nirvana and Worthington which offer a more traditional 3 seated cushion design.

Article Policies

Article offers a 30 day return policy, but it must be returned in the original packaging or you will incur an additional return fee. The item must also be in like new condition, so you are out of luck if the piece is stained or damaged before you return. You are responsible for return shipping costs, which is $49.  

The company also offers free exchanges, so you can exchange you couch once without any additional costs, so you have some peace of mind if the color, style or comfort isn`t to your liking.

The company`s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for one year from your delivery date. Article`s sofas are definitely at the higher end of the price range of the sofas we reviewed, and a one year warranty is relatively short for a product you would expect to last for a long time.

We asked Article`s customer experience team several questions about materials and found them to be helpful and responsive. The delivery process was smooth and easy.

  • Trial – 30 day return policy (with fees unless in original packaging)
  • Warranty – 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Financing – Financing options available at checkout
  • Where’s it made? – Made in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and India


Final Thoughts and Who Should Buy an Article Sofa

We really enjoyed reviewing the Article Sven Charme sofa and we think it`s a great option for shoppers who are:

  • Looking for a modern design at a good value relative to traditional retail brands
  • Want a high quality leather sofa
  • Want a wide range of different styles, firmness options, cushion depths, and leg and cushion types
  • Don`t want to deal with extensive assembly
  • Not expecting to have too much damage done to their sofa from spills, kids, pets, etc.

Here are some reviews from real customers we found online:

Positive experiences:

“I have the leather Sven sofa, not sectional in tan. It’s amazing, by far my favorite couch I’ve ever sat or napped on. Agree with codaloo that the back cushions get squished down after use for a while so I have to fluff them up every couple days. There customer service is awesome.“

Reddit user /u/Mattyy_Westside

“If you’re ready to invest in an attractive, high quality piece of furniture, Article is an option you can feel good about. The quality and design seems noticeably better than competitors in the price range. PS: Article will send a free fabric swatch of any couch — you just have to ask. Our couch looked much lighter in the photos than in person, so I’d recommend requesting a swatch before ordering.”

Reddit user /u/NorthParkDetroit

Negative experiences

“Some portions of the leather seem dry / tough or just not as nice. I’m a little concerned about the quality of the leather and whether it will hold up for years. I’ll need more time with the sofa to assess.”

Reddit user /u/dukes01

“My only complaint about article is their shipping/customer service. I’ve had something wrong happen every delivery. When they sent the couch , they forget to send the legs…so the couch sat on the ground for a full 2 weeks”

Reddit user /u/J-Haren