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What Makes The Most Comfortable Sofa?

Comfort is key when choosing a sofa that is meant to be lived in and lounged on. I’ve tested and napped on the best of them and have compiled a list of the 3 most comfortable sofas that don’t sacrifice on looks either. The most comfortable sofa is one that not only is comfortable to the touch but one that also fits comfortably in your home. Though “comfort” is subjective I’ve listed and reviewed the sofa’s I believe are the most comfortable.

1. Interior Define, Sloan

The Interior Define Sloan sofa features plush, luxurious seat and back cushions. It’s medium height arms make it perfect for lounging and napping. Interior define even offers an even comfier cushion upgrade! For $100 your Sloan will come with one large bench cushion instead of the standard 2 cushions. Meaning you’ll get a sleeker looking sofa & the ultimate nap spot.

Interior Define Sloan Sofa in gray

Price: $1300

Size: 36” D x 79″ L x 35” H 

Colors: 92 color and weave options

Materials:  Interior Define offers a variety of fabric and leg options

Shipping: 8-12 weeks


  • 92 color and weave options
  • Ability to upgrade length by 4” increments
  • Choose between 2 seat cushions or upgrade to a bench cushion
  • Free returns
  • 10 year warranty

2. Burrow, 3-Seater.

The Burrow Sofa is made entirely with sustainably sourced materials all made in the US. What’s comfier than that? The soft but supportive polyfoam in each cushion is. Also Burrow’s sofas are modular, meaning you can add and remove sections as you grow. Plus there is a USB charging port so you don’t have to get up to charge your phone. Sounds comfy.

Burrow 3 seater sofa with tufted cushions and high arms

Price: $1195

Size: 36” D x 86” L x 35″ H

Colors: 5 fabric color options, 4 leg stain options

Materials:  Durable, stain resistant poly-blend fabric

Shipping: 5-7 weeks


  • Modular design
  • Hidden USB charging port
  • Sustainable materials
  • 30 day trial

3. Joybird, Korver

The Joybird Korver sofa is the perfect combo of soft and supportive. The construction is solid and the back is slightly declined which encourages good posture when sitting upright while still being comfy to lay down and nap on.

Joybird Korver Sofa in tan

Price: $1699 base price

Dimensions: 90″ L x 36″ D x 33″ H

Colors: 77 different colors/fabrics to choose from including 3 tier quality levels

Materials: 3 different wood stains

Shipping: 2-5 weeks


  • 77 different colors/fabrics to choose from including 3 tier quality levels
  • 365 day trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quick-Ship fabric options for shipping within 2 days


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