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Burrow | 3-Seat

Burrow’s goal is to make “clever, comfortable furniture for your life and your living room.” All of Burrow’s sofas are modular, customers can add and remove pieces to increase or decrease the size of their sofa as their needs change By offering sofas directly to consumers Burrow is able to cut out 70% of their costs passing the savings directly to consumers. Plus all materials are hand-picked, durable, and sustainable.




Quick Overview

Price: $1195

Size: 36” D x 86” L x 35″ H

Colors: 5 fabric color options, 4 leg stain options

Materials:  Durable, stain resistant poly-blend fabric

Shipping: 5-7 weeks

Design Aesthetic

The Burrow sofa features a clean, classic style that can fit into any living-space. The cushions are two sided allowing you to switch between tufted and smooth fabric based on your look preference. Tufted for a more classic look, and smooth for a more sleek look.

Fabric Quality

Burrow offers 5 different fabric colors to match any preference, though Charcoal is the most popular. The fabric used is naturally stain resistant and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Leg Style

The Burrow 3-Seater sofa features 8 tapered wooden legs. Why so many legs? Because each piece is modular meaning you can remove and add pieces as your needs change.

Delivery & Set-Up

The Burrow 3-Seater sofa is delivered via UPS in 4 separate boxes. These boxes can be delivered without a signature like a typical delivery to your home. But, if you’d prefer to accept the packages yourself you can request that a signature is required for delivery.

Additional Features

  • Burrow’s cushions feature tufted cushions on one side which can be flipped to the smooth side for a sleeker look.
  • Hidden USB charger between the seat cushion and the arm.
  • Each Burrow sofa is modular, meaning you can add on and take off sections of your sofa as your needs change.

Purchase Details

  • Trial – 30 day trial
  • Shipping – 5-7 weeks
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty
  • Financing –  0% APR financing available through Affirm
  • Where’s it Made? – Burrow sofas are made in the USA