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How to Choose a Sofa

Sectional, sleeper, 3-seater, love-seat, mid-century, modern, classic? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of sofas to choose from, you’re not alone. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a sofa which I’ve highlighted below.

Things to Consider

  • Sofa Type
  • Purchasing Budget
  • Material
  • Style
  • Comfort

Sofa Type

The size and layout of your living space will determine what type of sofa will fit; Whether that’s a two-seater, 3-seater, or sectional. 3-seater sofas are the most common because you are able to fit more people comfortably. See our reviews of the best 3-seater sofas. Sectionals are a very common choice for those with a bigger living space. Sectionals can come in different shapes and sizes. L-shaped sectionals are perfect for a large living room space, and are like their name shaped like an L. Sofa + Chaise can be your typical 3-seater sofa with one seat cushion extended longer out to the front than the other cushions. This sofa option is also very popular and allows for more space to lounge.

Sofa Purchasing Budget

Sofas range greatly in price based on different sofa providers. Your budget will determine what retailers you choose to browse for a sofa, and there are many brands all across the price spectrum to choose from. Many brands offer financing options with sofa purchases allowing them to be accessible at almost any budget. If you’re shopping for a sofa on the lower end of the budget spectrum, Ikea offers more price accessible sofas while still being stylish and comfortable.

Why do sofa prices vary so greatly? Price depends on a few different factors listed below. Keep these in mind when deciding on your sofa purchasing budget.

  • Materials used
  • Location of production
  • Brand value

Sofa Material

The material of your perspective sofa is important based on your homes style as well as your lifestyle. Leather is a great option for those looking for an upscale feel. Certain kinds of leather are easy to clean, while natural leather may stain more easily. If you have children or pets, certain materials such as leather and poly-blend are durable and easy to clean. The material or upholstery of your sofa will evoke a different feeling and style. Velvet may add a very different vibe to a room than cotton or even leather. Each material will make a unique statement which should be considered when choosing which may be right for you and your space.

woman sitting on green velvet couch

Sofa Style

The most common sofa styles you’ll see on the market today are the Lawson and Mid-Century. Though you’ll see the terms Mid-Century Modern or Contemporary thrown in together. The Lawson style sofa has the classic sofa look and is designed simply for comfort. The arms of a Lawson style sofa are rounded and sit lower than the back cushions. The back features two loose cushions while the base features two or three loose cushions depending on the sofa size. Mid-Century refers to the period of design during the mid 20th century. The product of this period is clean lines and rectangular shapes. Modern and Contemporary are also terms used to describe Mid-Century style sofas; because there is no one true voice dictating style and name.

Sofa Comfort

Comfort is talked about a lot in the reviews section of sofa listings. Real customer reviews are the best place to get an idea of what the sofa will feel like when it’s delivered, and how it will break in over time. If you’re someone who loves to hang out and nap on your sofa, comfort is key. If your sofa purchase is just there to look beautiful in a room no one goes in, comfort level may not be as important as style or material.



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